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Warranty Claim Form

Warranty Claim Form

Please fill out the Streamline Industries Inc. Warranty Claim Form COMPLETELY.

Make sure to upload a copy of the original purchase receipt and photos of your issue with product.
This is very important in order to proceed with warranty process.

Do not send back any product without receiving a RA# first.

It will be the Customers responsibility for all shipping to and from Streamline Industries Inc.
Streamline Industries Inc. will not be held responsible for lost or damaged products in shipping.
Streamline Industries Inc. will inspect the product and if found defective due to workmanship, Streamline Industries Inc. will provide shipping cost back within the USA only.

Streamline Industries Inc. will warrant products that are purchased from an AUTHORIZED DEALER ONLY to be free from Manufacture defects.
Warranty is void if product is not used as directed.

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Mailing Address
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Required upload size: 52.43MB

Please include this form with the product you are returning and a copy of the receipt!

We will NOT accept or warranty product without a valid receipt.